How to join the game

At this time, joining the game is challenging, and a number of caveats apply. The English rules page has rotted over the years, and most active players are native German speakers. There are a few English speakers in the game, and aside from the lack of a manual, the game can be played in English as well as in German, but the community of non-Germans is not big enough to even run their own web forum at this time. Despite all these warnings, we'd love to have you, and apologize that it's such a challenge. A lot of Eressea's infrastructure has been built by it's community, so if you join us, maybe you can help improve the situation for those who come later? We'd certainly appreciate it! Similarly, if there is a resource that's unavailable in your language, and Google Translate is not doing the job well enough, just ask! We're nice people, and happy to help.

With all those warnings out of the way, if you want to start life in a semi-comfortable area of the world with not too many enemies around you, then you should put your email address on our waiting list for new signups, and we'll usually get back to you in a matter of some weeks.