Eressea - Germany's most popular PBEM now speaks English

Eressea is a turn-based strategy game in a fantasy setting. It is an open-ended game, adding new players to the fringes of the world all the time. The game is free of charge, has around 1700 players and is growing rapidly even after more than six years.

The original game was written for a German speaking audience, and there is plenty of German material available on the web. Since early 2002 we're accepting English-speaking players as well, after having done a massive amount of localization.

>> Getting started


Chances are you've never played Eressea before, and need to learn the basics of the game first, we've got a tutorial game that lets you do just that. The registration pages let you sign up for a game, and depending on whether you're a returning player or a new recruit, signs you up for either game.

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Rules and Downloads

Compared to other games, Eressea is fairly complex, and has a pretty big manual. Unlike other games, you'll really have to read this manual before you start playing. The rules are avaliable online, and so are a number of tools that simplify playing, most notably Magellan, a graphical client for the game.

>> We have a wiki for rules and stuff

>> Get Magellan


You probably have a few. There are different ways to get them answered. You can reach us at, but keep in mind that we're rather busy and providing Eressea for free. We have regular jobs that don't leave us time to answer even one question per month for each of the 1700 players - that would be more than 400 a week! Definitely the best way to get a quick answer is IRC. There is a channel #eressea on IRCnet ( is a popular American server) and the people there are a friendly and helpful bunch. As an alternative, there is also a mailing list of experienced players answering questions at

Eressea is a game by Enno Rehling, Katja Zedel and Christian Schlittchen.